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Measure across 6 pillars of the CMI methodology. Benchmark yourself against industry leaders and the competition.
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A methodology based on 10 years of expertise

Working with leading brands such as Samsung, ManoMano, and OtterBox — iAdvize developed a unique methodology to analyze a company’s digital strategy, the Conversational Maturity Index.

An interactive and instantaneous experience

Complete the online version of this assessment consisting of 19 base-line questions. Gain an objective overview of your conversational maturity in less than 10 minutes.

An accurate understanding of your situation

With your score comes an analysis of your strengths and areas of improvement along the 6 pillars. Additionally, receive exclusive insights on where you stand relative to the rest of your industry.


priorities to improve your digital experience

An accurate and objective evaluation

The Conversational Maturity Index is based on a methodology designed and validated by iAdvize combining multiple choice questions and qualitative analysis.

Providing an accurate and objective evaluation, it enables brands to assess their conversational maturity and identify the key issues to help them improve their digital experience.

A revolutionary andunique methodology

The Conversational Index is the result of more than 10 years supporting the most innovative brands through their CX elevation journeys. This assessment allows our clients to assess the maturity of their conversational strategy at any time.

An online, short format

Here is your chance to perform the short format of this assessment, consisting of 19 multiple choice questions. Be completely honest in your answers to obtain the most accurate result possible, and to clearly situate yourself in relation to your market.

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In 10 minutes, test your brand against a series of assessment points, and receive a score representing your level of maturity, plus a report with your detailed results.

In a detailed drill-down, the analysis evaluates

6 pillars

Quality - Expertise, empathy & authenticity
We measure the quality of the experience offered in these three dimensions.
Do you have the means to offer this experience to all your customers, even during peak periods?
Business project
Is your conversational strategy at the heart of your DNA?
Engagement and personalization
We're interested in how you engage in conversation with your customers.
Rich and easy-to-use messaging
We look at how messaging fits into your digital and mobile experience.
Fluidity & omnicanality
Do you offer your customers a seamless experience via messaging, beyond your site?
Digital interactions with your customers will increase by 40% in 2021.*
*Forrester, Predictions 2021: Customer Service
Are you ready to communicate through the same authentic and seamless conversational experience that customers have everyday, messaging with family and friends?

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